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May 22, 2015 at 10:39 AM

System cannot find source storage bin - LT03 Error


Hi Guys,

While creating TO's for deliveries (stock removal) in LT03, we are getting error as 'Source storage bin not found - Message L3008'. However, when I manually enter the Storage Type Unit (S1) and Fixed bin, system accepts it and TO is created but it does not pick that bin location automatically. I have checked the forum and tried all the solutions mentioned.

Below is how WM1 and WM2 views are setup:

Storage type Search (OMLY) is defined as below so system starts searching for stock in ASR/BLK/HBP etc and finally reaches to V05 which has actually got the stock. This bit is working fine.

Please see stock situation as below. Only storage types ' V05 and VNA' have got stock and system has automatically picked up V05 which is Ok.

But when it comes to bin selection in storage type V05, system fails to pick it up automatically unless we manually define it and then TO is created.

Any help would be much appreciated.




OMLY.PNG (17.6 kB)
LS24 - 1159.PNG (43.0 kB)
MM01-WM1.PNG (22.8 kB)
MM02-1159.PNG (18.3 kB)
Lt03.PNG (23.1 kB)
LS02N.PNG (31.0 kB)