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May 22, 2015 at 11:35 AM

Inspection lot should be generated while delivering the goods to customer


Hi Friends,

As you know that Pick list created even expired materials also which means even Self life expiry date (SLED) materials also will pick by the system.

my requirement is system should check the SLED date of batch material and if its equl or below the current date system should generate inspection

lotwhere in user will send that stock from unrestricted to Quality stock.

can we acheive it through standard, please let me know

I think this could be pretty much similar to the GR (Goods receiipt) while performing GR,inspection lot will be generated, similarly while delivering

material to customer Inspection lot sholud be generated, so that the materials for whom SLED is effecting will send un restricted to Quality stock.

Thanks & Regards,