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May 22, 2015 at 07:17 AM

Creation of view on top of two tables or creation of two datasources and loading to DSO


Dear All,

I have two customized tables and created two datasources on top of it(for time being). Here i am having doubt to connect these data sources to DSO.

First Datasource contains: (bold fields are keyfields)

Assignment obj.


Limit eff. from

Limit currency

Drawing Amount

Drawing Amount

Second data source contains: ((bold fields are keyfields))

Company Code


Entered by

Entry date

Entry Time

Changed by

Changed on

Time changed

Contract Type

Prod. Category

Connection between the two tables: Company and Transaction concatinated (DSO2) and linked to CodeAssignment obj (DSO1).

Here my question is can we create a view on top of these two tables?

If we are loading seperately two tables (by createing two data sources) into DSO how can i select key fields and data fields at DSO level and how i need to load??

Please let me know your views.

Thank you!