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May 21, 2015 at 10:10 PM

What is the best module or the best option the following (sem-bcs or fi-lc/ec-mc or pcm or bpc) than ec-cs?


Dear sap

We dont need to implement module robust as BPC. In R3 or S4/HANA ¿ What is the module that should replace module ec-cs?

We are seeing the module ec-cs and we need one application in sap as cs.
Consolidation (EC-CS) - SAP Library but this ec-cs is part of erp and is then maintained till end 2017 (note 1223308)

we try to explain following this scenary :

We have a lot of incidencias or errores in copa vs fi. We take a lot of time to find the error or issue.

This problem are flows different : invoice, assetment project or order, document material or document fi, or account bad.


we are thinking in application about consolidation ( copa vs fi vs mm vs sd ) and this should find error or issues. we have found a tool of reconciliation within the module special ledger (fi-sl) but we do not understand if this could be used to find errors between accounts of the same company.

This tool is only based on SAP-ICR-002 (Intercompany-Reconciliation) ¿is it correct? Example :

we have one document sd but not register on copa or we have one registration document mm but not register on copa or it was a wrong account assigned in copa. ¿Will this tool Intercompany Reconciliation) help to find errors in the same company?

¿Exist one module conciliation on R3 to find errors of (fi, mm, sd, copa) ?

Could you recommend the best option? or could you recommend any note oss, please?

All your recomendations will be welcome.

Thanks a lot for your recomendation and help.

Best regards,