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May 21, 2015 at 09:28 PM

CSOL behavior with one DEV feeding multiple PROD


I'm a fan of CSOL and find great value in it even if we do not use Retrofit. However, one of our system landscapes is more unique than the others we have, and I'd like to get expert advice before attempting to activate CSOL for said system.

I have a ChaRM Project with one Development (Source) feeding four QA (target) and four Production systems. Here's what the Logical components look like (with fake SIDs):

1) DEV/100 --> QA1/100 --> PR1/100

2) DEV/100 --> QA2/100 --> PR2/100

3) DEV/100 --> QA3/100 --> PR3/100

4) DEV/100 --> QA4/100 --> PR4/100

So let's assume I activate this against DEV/100. When I create a change, would it reserve a lock in all four Production systems (so, four different locks)? And I assume it would delete each PR* lock as it's imported to that respective Prod system. I would assume there would be a CSOL warning until the change has been imported to all four Production systems, correct?