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May 21, 2015 at 05:46 PM

EA15 invoice reversal error: Cost element XXXXX does not exist


Hi Experts,

During invoice mass reversal EA15 I am getting error saying that " Cost element XYZ does not exist" (Msgid:KS, MSgno:211)

I am getting this error only when I am entering more than one invoice in EA15 and keeping reversal date as blank. In this case the first invoice is getting reversed successfully but getting this error for second invoice.

I debugged this issue and found that this not related to cost element at all. This issue is basically related to posting period. As I am reversing the invoice which is posted in previous month and while posting the reversal document, EA15 checks the posting period using the posting date of the invoice in this case which is a prev. month and thats the reason raising period lock exeption. I also found that there is one subroutine event_r501 of FM ISU_REVERSE_CA_DOC that changes the posting date automatically to system date but for second invoice somehow it does perform the same and because of the posting date of the previous month I am getting the error for the second invoice.

The setting that we have in spro (check the last checkbox in below image) for the invoice all such invoices which are posted in previous months and being reversed in this month using EA15 and keeping reversal date as blank should get reversed automatically by changing the reversal date to system date. We can handle this using Fqevent 501. But this will helpful only when we want to change the reversal date of the invoice to be other than the current date.

Please provide your inputs.




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