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May 21, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Effects of a change relating to the due date of a purchase and production order


Hi Experts,

I'm sure we are not the only one strugling with this, that's why I am concerned about this question.

How do you manage changes in the due dates of your orders? Do you know how a change reflects your open sales orders and production?

The reason why I'm asking, because I haven't found anything like this in the system. A few examples:

1. After a MRP run on a manufactured item I get recommendations to buy it's components. Let's say there 5 differents componenets that I have to buy. I turn the recommendtaions to Purchase orders, with due dates of each item's lead time. Life goes on, I can have a demand for another manufactured item, which contains some of the components from the first item. I get recommendations for those also, and turn them into pruchase orders also.

After a few days one of my suppliers indicate that my purchase orders will be delayed by x days. Okay, I change the due dates of the orders, but how do I know how this reflects the production orders of the father items?

I can run MRP again on the fathers with no effect, beacuse I don't get anything, except from maybe a recommendation to order the delayed itmes with an earlier due date, which is wrong.

2. Even in the simpliest "buy-sell" example (i.e.: retailing) I need to know how a delay or a faster delivery related to my purchases affects my sales orders due date.

There could be many examples mentioned, they have the same ending. Of course, maybe in a very simple case you can manually "investigate" your items stock, and "build" / reschedule a new due date to their sales and production orders, but to be honest, that's just not realistic.

I know there is no scheduling in SAP B1, that is why I would like know how you handle these situations. I would be greatfull for some solutions, maybe queries. (primarily we don't want to buy add-on for this).

Any answer would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Ferenc Csépány