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May 21, 2015 at 12:29 PM

The case of the disappearing variables in WEBI4.1


Hello, i'm hoping someone can at least shed some light on this before i go absolutely crazy, especially with the amount of hours i've lost with this issue.

Just to go through what i'm experiencing, i have a table with 4 columns.

1st column is a variable that i've created called 'Categorise' - =[Feed Wheat]+[Mill Wheat]+[Pulses]+[Oats]+[Feed Barley]+[Malting Barley]+[Oil Seeds]

This variable is fed from 7 other variables, so for example the Feed Barley variable - =If([Position Category] InList("Feed Barley");"Feed Barley";"").

So anything that has "Feed Barley" in the Position Category object gets put into the Feed Barley category

2nd column is the Position Category object.

3rd column and 4th column are Object Keys.

I've included a couple of screenshots of how the table looks.

The issue i'm having is that if i do a custom sort on the Position Category object column, with a normal ascending or descending sort it works fine, when i save the file, close it down and then come to reopen the file later, it has wiped all of the variables. No error comes up at all when i save or open, the variables are completely gone. I can do a custom sort on any of the other columns without issue but i do a custom sort of Position Category, it wipes the variables the next time i open the file.


SAP error 2.JPG (51.0 kB)
SAP error.JPG (48.6 kB)