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May 21, 2015 at 06:40 AM

Data distribution in formula key figure with reference to a selection


Hi All,

I got stuck with one issue may be anyone of you can help :

I have a formula key figure and a selection key figure.

Now in the query the selection key figure value comes from another query where it is planned.

The user wants the Formula key figure values getting distributed according to the selection key figure values.

Suppose I have the data in the first query as:

DEV location formula KF selection KF A 100 80 B 10 90 C 30 70 D 40 20 E 50 100

and the second query as :

DEV location selection KF A 80 B 90 C 70 D 20 E 100

Now I change the value of Selection KF value of DEV location B to 30 .

And the value in the formula KF should get distributed according to the reference of Selection KF.

Automatically it should happen , we should not have the logic of disaggregation.

Thanks ,