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May 20, 2015 at 08:45 PM

Convert or Format Standard Text created via Word to send it via mail


Hi All,

I created a standard text (SO10) using Microsoft Word and I added some bullets and other Word tools to it.

When I see that standard text from SO10 using the SAPScript editor I see that those bullets and tables are stored in a strange way.

For example the bullets are like this:

§,,Citi Bank

I need to read that text inside and program and then send that text via mail using OO.

I'm able to read it (READ_TEXT) and send it via mail ,the problem is that I receive the exact text as the one I see using the SAP editor...not the Word.

Instead of sending a bullet, I'm senging that symbol (§).

Is there any way to format that standard text so that I can send it in the body of the mail same as I see it in Word?