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May 20, 2015 at 08:28 PM

Navigation Step Blocking Behavior Agentry


Hi all,

I have one Action that contains several step / sub action. One of the action is of type Transaction. That means every time the Action is activated through a button, the Action of type Transaction will block any following subaction present in the parent Action.

I want to have the same behavior for a Navigation Action step. My requirement is to show the user another screen (that displays object) and when he is done, go back to the parent Action and continue the execution.

Is there any way to have a blocking Navigation Step? Here the struction of the Action:

- Parent Action

--- Navigation Step (I want to have this step to block until the associated screen set is closed)

--- Transaction Step (this one is blocking the rest of the action)

--- Apply

--- SubAction 1

--- SubAction 2

I'm using Work Manager 5.3 on SMP 2.3