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May 20, 2015 at 07:58 PM

How to determine if a parameter is actually being used in the crystal report


We are migrating from an old Visual Basic 6.0 Crystal SDK to the Java SDK. In the VB API, a parameter field obtained from crxReport.ParameterFields has a variable "needsCurrentValue". A false value told you the parameter was not used on the report. I don't see an equivalent of this in the Java SDK. I have an issue where all parameters are returned via:

Fields<IParameterField> myFields = dataDefController.getDataDefinition().getParameterFields() even if some of the fields are not used in the report. The legacy system passes only parameters that are used and using "needsCurrentValue", we would skip over those params that were "false". I cannot find a way to detect that a parameter is not being used in the Java SDK. Does anyone know how?