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May 20, 2015 at 02:20 PM

Copy Value using Logic Script


Hi All,

I have scenario whereby the value in the period need to be replicated to the next periods until period 12. For example,

Source DataTarget DataPeriod 110001000Period 21500=1000+1500Period 33000=1000+1500+3000Period 44000=1000+1500+3000+4000Period 54500=1000+1500+3000+4500Period 60=1000+1500+3000+4500Period 70=1000+1500+3000+4500Period 80=1000+1500+3000+4500Period 95000=1000+1500+3000+4500+5000Period 100=1000+1500+3000+4500+5000Period 110=1000+1500+3000+4500+5000Period 120=1000+1500+3000+4500+5000

So if there is value in period 1, it will be replicated in the next periods (2,3,4...)until period 12,

If there is value in period 2, it will be replicated in the next periods (3,4,5....) until period 12, and etc

How do I script the logic if the logic need to be called in the data package?

I am thinking to use the allocation, but not sure how to create a dynamic variable to tell the system if TIME=2016.01 then WHAT is 2016.01 and WHERE is 2016.02 onwards, if TIME=2016.02 then WHAT is 2016.02 and WHERE is 2016.03 onward.



*DIM TIME WHAT = 2016.01 ;WHERE = 2016.02; Using = <<<


Appreciate your help.