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May 20, 2015 at 08:41 AM

DIP: Each WBS in 1 line at the DMR order - how to?



I hope some of you can help us 😀

Our solution:

* Material A is added at Contract i VA41

*A project with network and activities is created automatically (assembly processing)

*The project are changed to fit each delivery - end up with 2-30 WBS-elements

*CATS-confirmations at the network activities are created in CAT2 and transferred to the project through CAT5

*DP91 capture CATS-confirmations with activity type A = material A, B = material B and C = material C (material determination)

The DMR contain 1 line item per activity type

Now we would like the DMR to have these line items:

WBS 1 with activity type A

WBS 1 with activity type B

WBS 1 with activity type C

WBS 2 with activity type A

WBS 2 with activity type B

WBS 2 with activity type C

WBS 3 with activity type A

and so on.

How can we solve this issue?

The WBS-elements have different names for each project. We had not succes to create a Set reflecting this.

How can we make the setup resulting in the mentioned DMR line items.

I hope for some input.

Thank you in advance 😊