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May 20, 2015 at 08:44 AM

Refreshing list view upon selecting piece of pie


Hi All,

We developed a functionality where a pie chart is drilling down to a list view. In the list view's connection we put it as Refresh trigger "when value changes" where value is the destination of pie chart. B2(as below)

For Ex: Pie chart shows 3 status: Status1, Status2, Status3

Combo box with 2 values, combo box1, combo box2

List view will populate dynamically upon clicking on each of the piece of pie.

1)For combo box1 selection, in the pie chart status1 has 4 records, status2 has 5 records, status3 has 6 records

When I click on status1, 4 records are getting populated in list view correctly.

2)For combo box2 selection, in the pie chart status1 has 7 records, status2 has 8 records, status3 has 9 records

When i click on status1, list view is not getting refreshed still it shows the above 4 records i.e. for the previous selection.

I could understand that it is due to the refresh trigger " when value changes" in the connection of list view.

But can anyone please guide me in refreshing the list view upon selection of same piece of pie with combo box selections.


pie.jpg (6.3 kB)