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May 20, 2015 at 07:26 AM

Starting point for CSV export to FTP server with flag file


Good morning.

Forgive my simplified question, but this is a first explorative question for a project at a customer site, about which I don't have all the information available right now.

The client has prepared a wid report, which I need to be uploaded daily in CSV format (properly quoted, escaped, etc.) to an FTP server, and the completion of the transfer should be flagged by the creation of a particular yyyymmdd.csv.OK file, for each data yyyymmdd.csv produced.

From initial conversations I was told that this is not possibe, first because the option CSV exports the universe, not the query of the report and second that it is not possible to produce flag files (as a wish I would even prefer to use sftp rather than ftp).

While I understand that the combination of it all may not be there out of the box, by reading this article (, it seems to me as there is always a way with the sdk (rhymes and hopefully is true too :-) ).

Can someone more versed on the versions of BO and SDK outline me a "roadmap" of what I'd need to read/do to achieve my goal ?