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WWI Performance Improvement

Dear Experts,

We have set up the WWI server and it is running fine at the moment.

However, now business has decided to generate the reports with very high volume.

Daily about thousand documents.

It takes about 40-60 seconds for generation of one report at the moment.

The expectation is that the report should be generated in about 3-5 seconds.

We have got 3 generation servers but only one generation server is active at any time.

We have a separate WWI server for Dev, Quality and Production system.

We are working on SAP EHP7 at the moment, so all the latest SAP patches are already available.

Need guidance on following:

a. Normally how much time system takes for generating a report, based on your experience.?

b. What should be the specification of the WWI server to have higher performance.

c. What should be done to improve the performance, so that the reports can be generated faster.

New Generation Servers.? Enhancing WWI server in terms of its specification.?

I have checked SAP note - 0001061242 & 0001906751.

But wanted to know about above mentioned points.

Thanks & Regards,


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2 Answers

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    May 21, 2015 at 01:05 PM

    Hello All,

    Thank you very much for your valuable inputs.

    I further checked following:

    a. WWI SP version

    I executed the test server functionality in CG5Z and found following:

    WWI Resolve Version            : 3.2 / 2.7B SP29; 2005,110,134,382

    So I guess our WWI version is SP29.

    b. I have set up the new services on both SAP & WWI server on development environment.

    CG5Z shows two generations servers active.

    CGSADM also shows two active and running services for WWI.

    On WWI server, there are two running services. Both the services as per CGSADM also running fine on WWI server.

    Have executed report RC1WWIDS to set up the background job.

    There are three background jobs now under Released Status:

    a.  WWI-Dispatch-Prozess 010

    b.  WWI-Workprozess für SV000 010 - The new one

    c.  WWI-Workprozess für SV002 010 - Previously available

    However when I generate the reports only the background job which was scheduled earlier is only executed. I have created about 25 reports simultaneously but all the time the background job called is the older one.

    System is not taking the new job in consideration for report generation.

    I have checked note - 1033594 - WWI server selection for report generation.

    But note is not relevant for our system.

    Have I missed any step.?

    Thank you again for your help.

    Best Regards,


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    • Former Member Christoph Bergemann

      Hello Christoph, Hello Mark,

      Thank you very much for your valuable inputs.

      We are now able to increase the WWI performance significantly.

      We have done following:

      a. Support Package upgrade from SP29 to SP37

      b. Added additional WWI services

      Below are the step by step process which we followed:

      1 WWI Folder back up 2 WWI Service stop 3 WWI upgrade from SP29 to SP37 4 Restart WWI server 5 Services Start – Man. Service, WWI Generation Servce 6 One report Testing 7 Create RFC Destinations 8 Additional Services in CGSADM 9 Activation of generation servers via CG5Z 10 Background Job Creation - SM36/SM37

      Thank you all, this is really a great learning.

      Best Regards,


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    May 20, 2015 at 07:19 AM

    Good morning,

    you raise very valid points.

    Here we do generate more than five thousand documents per day, most of then are SDS (so more than ten pages) and the rest are cover sheets and one or two pages documents.

    We do have two windows boxes, each running four WWI services (eight entries in CG5z, then).

    It's true that only one WWI service runs at a time on a given box (apparently because only one instance of Winword can run at a time).

    My experience is that the generation of a RAW report in the range of 60 (sixty) seconds.

    The generation of a final report in the range of 10 (ten) seconds.

    To go faster could be (I think) to spread load on several smaller windows boxes, which lower resources but higher CPU speed.

    And importantly ... as analysed on our systems, the time to read data for SAP EH&S is indeed the longuest part of the processing. It might be one lead to investigate further ... (indexes refreshed, database statistics up-to-date, ...)

    Hope this helps.

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    • I can just confirm that reading the EHS data in most cases is the longest part in report generation. Therefore have a look at the performance traces of the WWI Background jobs (Program RC1WWIWP).

      Search for performance notes for the relevant function groups.

      There have been made quite a lot of performance improvements in the ABAP part.

      I would also consider ~1 Minute as an average value for an MSDS raw report.

      One performance issue on WWI side which remains is the merging of Includes, if you are using WWI templates using the include-feature. If you need maximum performance merge the templates manually first.

      The only other option is parallelization. You can set up parallel WWI jobs/WWI services as many as you need (until your DB or App Servers go out of resources). Some customers are running 10 and more parallel jobs.