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Some questions on V10 new features

Approval Delegation:

1. There is no standard functionality to set an expiry date for delegation. Does anyone know how we can achieve this via scripting? I can't find any API related to delegating approval to someone else.

2. The Business Document Class available in this table is determined by Security Profile. Is there a way to only display only one class even user has access to all classes as in our case, only one class has approval workflow?

3. The system allows self approval. e.g.1. A is delegating to B, we need to check all projects pending for A’s approval don’t have B as owner. Suppose we have many levels of delegation, A->B, B->C, C->D, at the point C delegating to D, we need to check all projects pending approval from A, B and C don’t have D as owner. That does not seem very feasible?

  1. 2. Suppose A delegates to B, after this, a project with owner as B requiring A’s approval is created and then the approval would go to B who is also the owner. This is very difficult to handle via script as delegation happens before project creation.

Auction – bid by % instead of amount

  • Currently, can we set some fields so that the Bid Unit Price is in % not in a certain currency? We have some scenarios where suppliers need to bid in percentage rather than price. For example, Vouchers have certain face value. We will ask suppliers to bid in percentage of the face value to see who can offer the most discounts on the vouchers.
  • Can you advise us how this can be done?

Dynamic appearance of fields:

  • Within v10, it is possible that based on the answers provided to a previous question, further specific questions would be displayed on the page. Similar behaviour as Perpetual Term and Expiration Date in Contract module: once Perpetual Term is checked, Expiration Date disappears and vice versa. Can we build similar behaviour on our extension fields?

Text box:

Currently, if we want to customise a text box for users to key in their comments, we only have the choice of (1) a small box of 256 characters or (2) a big text box as shown below:

Option 1 is available as part of an extension collection where as option 2 is not available as part of extension collection.

We would like to find out whether there is something in between in v10 Such as, something like what we have in RFx as Free Text answer box for suppliers to respond to which is 2000 characters?

Especially do we have option to build a free text box that accepts more than 256 characters as one column in extension collection table?

Really appreciate if anyone can shed some light on any of the questions

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    Jun 09, 2015 at 05:16 AM

    Anyone can share some thoughts please?

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