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May 20, 2015 at 03:34 AM

Audit database Issue - how to identify Save As/Renamed


Hi Experts,

How to identify the report is saved as ?

I'm struggling to identify if a report is renamed and then deleted later.

heres my scenario:

1. i have a report REPORT123 which is created on say 01/01/2015 , refreshed on 02/01/2015 so it has two events captured against it CREATE and REFRESH this is fine till now.

2. If my REPORT123 is renamed to say REPORT321 on 04/01/2015 and deleted on 05/01/2015 then two events are captured CREATE and DELETE against REPORT321 and the entries against REPORT123 still stays the same so im not able to identify if REPORT123 is deleted or not ? as i dont have DELETE event against it.

how to overcome this situation and identify if the report is renamed as so that i could identify the REPORT123 is renamed so this will not be an object in my repository and ignore showing in my report

Thanks in advance