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May 19, 2015 at 10:44 PM

JDBC driver for SQL Anywhere


Hi there, two hopefully easy questions about SQL anywhere that I'm hoping someone might be able to answer (or point me to some documentation).

I'm going to be rewriting some legacy applications that talk to some different SQL Anywhere databases. Most of them are running on v12 or v16 engines, but there are a very few still on the older legacy v11. Upgrading the engine/db is planned but in the short term, I need to make sure the apps can communicate with all 3 versions. To accomplish this, I was going to use the JDBC driver jars that came with the SQL Anywhere installation. My question is, can the JDBC driver that came with 16 talk to 12 and 11, or do I need to find the drivers that came with those engines to talk to the legacy versions?

Additionally, are there any licensing issues with bundling the driver with applications we distribute?