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May 19, 2015 at 07:33 PM

Longevity of ADS


Hi there!

I am a fan of Advantage Database Server. All of the Windows-based Delphi applications I work on for my company are built off of an ADS database, and have been for close to a decade. Recently, there's been a push at my company to consider other database options because we're worried about the longevity of Advantage Database Server due to the introduction of SAP HANA.

I would rather not have to rebuild everything on another database, and I quite like the ease with which I was able to learn how to use ADS, but I understand the concerns about longevity. So, I'm asking you guys:

Why would you continue using or recommend Advantage Database Server instead of, say, Microsoft SQL Server?

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Thanks very much,

K.M. Williams