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May 19, 2015 at 04:34 PM

Remote ESP Studio



I installed an Event Stream Processor (ESP) on a VMWare with Linux as OS.

Question: Is it possible to run the ESP Studio as Eclipse application remotely from a (Windows) client and connect to the ESP server on the VMware?

I think in about the same as the relation of HANA Studio with a HANA database: Develop and monitor the HDB via HANA Studio from a remote client.

Unfortunately I could not find up to now what I exactly would like to have: I do not want to use the ESP Studio deployed on the Linux server. I want to have my ESP installed on a Linux VMWare and access it from a remote Eclipse Studio running on a MS Windows 8.1 client. From there I want to create my ESP projects and monitor the loadings streams.

If this is possible, please provide me the link to this info, especially where to download the ESP perspectives and how to connect to the ESP. If this is definitely not possible, tell me also!