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May 19, 2015 at 12:14 PM

BODS alternative to Teradata Cascade or Job scheduler.



We are having Teradata databases and BO is built on top of it plus in addition to it we have different layers of database as

Semantic (Views created for Universe as one more presentation layer)



Most majority sources we have are excel and we are using Cascade and unix to run the jobs to load data from source to stage and then core and semantic.

Daily load takes around 14 hours to load one day of data and it fails regularly.

So Can Business Objects Data services can be used to replace these cascade and scripts to load data from excel to these teradata database at least till core and from core to semantic these can be handled by the set of procedures.

will follow same process but our major problem is with source.

The problem is then we cannot do analysis in BO reporting and business gets impacted.

there can be some heavy loads of excel file may be network data of tele comm.

Thanks and regards