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May 19, 2015 at 10:31 AM

how to capture BAPI response in SAP PI and send the BAPI response as mail to the specify User


Hi experts,

I have a Soap(xml) to RFC(BAPI) sync scenario. I am using standard BAPI : BAPI_ACC_GL_POSTING

The interface is working fine and we are getting desired result. BAPI is sending the response whether the values are maintained in the table to not and if the values are not maintained the BAPI will send Response with field Type as "E" as Error and will send "S" in case of successful. There is no failure in either case in terms of SAP PI. Both the responses are successfully in terms of XI perspective.

My requirement is whenever the BAPI sends a response with the field as type "E", I have to send a mail to the list of specified user and whenever the response the BAPI sends a response with the field as type "S" , I don't have to send any mail.

Please note that I am working on SAP PI 7.0 and I have not used any Email adapter till now in my interface. Looking forward for any UDF that can help.

3rd Party(SOAP) xml----> PI---> (ECC) BAPI (Request)

BAPI (Response)---> PI----> 3rd Party (xml)

Please guide and any help will be rewarded with points.