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May 18, 2015 at 01:35 PM

"Cancel Release" and "Upload Template" not working in PMS .


Hi Experts,

I have created Appraisal template (PHAP_CATALOG) in my DEV system and tranported it to Quality system few days ago. And I have uploaded a template and tranported it to Quality system which was working perfectly fine. When today I am trying to do the same thing I am facing some issue.

1.while trying to "cancel release" :

Error : Data was not saved.

Please help me out what should be the solution . I have deleted all the documents which belongs to the template and also checked the report

RHHAP_DISPLAY_DB for the tables being used for appraisal. All table are blank now.

2.While "Upload Template" :

while uploading a downloaded template (which I had done earlier and worked perfectly fine) , now able to upload again and the error is

an unexpected technical error has occurred.

I clicked on the error message and it had the following description:

An unexpected technical error has occurred

Message no. HRHAP00_TEMPLATE000


A technical error has occurred. There could be several reasons for this.

Procedure for System Administration

To rectify the problem, perform the following steps:

1. Start the report Customizing Consistency Check (RHHAP_CUSTOMIZING_CHECK)

2. Check the results for errors.

3. If the results list does not contain any errors, see SAP Note 0497777. The note may contain a solution to your problem.

4. If the SAP Note does not solve your problem, create a problem message (component PA-PD-PM).

After executing the above report, RHHAP_CUSTOMIZING_CHECK, there was a customizing table error in table T77HAP with the error message:

Table T77HAP has a missing entry <SPACE>

Could anyone please help me in solving this issue?? I am not able to create a appriasal template.

I had gone through the below link too but didn't get any resolution. Requesting please help me out.