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May 18, 2015 at 01:05 PM

POWL inbox troubles with travel management



i have tried to implement workflow of travel management in POWL inbox in an EHP7 system. I have customized the "inbox" for POWL. I want to call the trip form when clicking on the link in the inbox:

when i do it with the OBJECTVALUE in the customizing of actions:


I can see my travel requests in the inbox of the POWL.

But when i click on the link the form is opening with this error. Sorry, i only have it in german language. But the error says that

the variable part of the parameters is not valid !!!

When i replace the values in the customizing table with fixed values like this:


i am able to open the trip form !

does anybody have an idea why it is not possible to pass the variable fields employeenr. and trip no. from workflow ?????

br, Martin


Capture.PNG (23.4 kB)
Capture.PNG (40.2 kB)
Capture.PNG (13.8 kB)