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May 18, 2015 at 11:17 AM

Problem #TOREFRESH with "Where" in 4.1 SP3 variables


Hi lads,

We have recently upgraded our BO system from 4.0 SP5 to BO 4.1 SP3.

We have solved all incidents we had during the upgrade process, except one, and we don't know what to try or do else.

I explaine you. We have a webi which mixes HR and COPA data, and it's splitted by Business Area. We have 3 business area in our company, so do 3 similar webis. This split is just for roles and authorizations.

Webis are built over a BEx OLAP connection.

In BO 4.0 all the 3 webis work fine. In BO 4.1 2 of them work fine, and just one have an issue, which is that is showing #TOREFRESH in some formulas and variables.

We have tried:

- Refresh connections (saving and recreating).

- Refesh queries (saving)

- Recreate variables and formulas.

- Refreshing report (thousand of times).

- Queries BEx are fine, retested and rechecked.

What we have discovered is the following: error happens when in the formula there is a KeyFigure followed by a "Where" clause, and if we substitute the KeyFigure for a new Variable variable with a ForEach, it works.

For example:

1. Current formula (which works in 2/3 of webis, and in 3/3 webis in BO 4.0)

= [Key Figure1] Where [Structure]="TESTTESTTESTTEST"

--> #TOREFRESH error

2. Create new variable:

= [Key Figure1] ForEach [Structure]="TESTTESTTESTTEST"

3. Substitution KeyFigure by Variable:

= [New Variable] Where [Structure]="TESTTESTTESTTEST"

--> No error.

We would like to know if any of you have had the same incident, and we can avoid to modify so many variables and formulas.