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May 18, 2015 at 09:16 AM

C4C Sales Quote setup guide with SAP CRM OP


Dear All,

We are in the process of C4C sales quote functionality setup, already we had this functionality in our Quality tenant and it was done by an expert and right now he is not available, now we want to extend this to our Production C4C environment. We have maintained all the settings in HCI, C4C with reference to our Quality tenant. However while we are testing the scenarios it is not working, especially external pricing is not working.

Could you please suggest your valuable input on this issue. Is there any separate pricing procedure need to maintain for this C4C? It would be great if someone share the sales quote setup guide.

Note: We are integrating with CRM OP and all pricing related configurations done in CRM OP, since we are using CRM OP for long time.

Thanks in advance for your support.