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Former Member
Jan 23, 2006 at 03:47 AM

Message Split on Number of Lines


Hi Everyone,

I am mapping a flat file with line items into a FIDCC1 idoc, which has a limitation of 999 line items (3 digit counter). However, its safe to pick a smaller number anyhow, say around 950. It is possible that my flatfile has more than 950 items in it.

Any strategy to splitting the lines across n messages based on a certain number of lines reached during processing? I do not want to use the file adapter recordsets per message as I will potentially not get a 1:1 match from file lines to idoc lines (I may be able to consolidate down and get a smaller number of lines on fidcc1 than file lines, so I guess I could set a worst case scenario on the file adapter, but I am very much interested is using a solution that is not dependent on file adapter configuration and could be applied independent of adapter, like in a BPM maybe?)