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May 18, 2015 at 09:28 AM

Calculated column in HANA not woring in virtual provider in BW 7.4


Hi Gurus,

I Created analytical view in SAP HANA with one calculated column (Revenue = QTY * Value)(Revenue is of type Decimal.). After activating, data preview shows the results. Now in BW I created virtual provider without revenue field and all the data is displayed.

Now I added the revenue objects and mapped to revenue field of hana. When i do the data display i get the following error. I get this error when i use calculated columns in virtual provider. How to solve this issue?

@5C\QError@ Invalid query;Could not find attribute REVENUE at node finalAggregation,QueryId: 3UFAFFGPLXUOCJY5Q6W4HKV6L:IR_C/[Request Info: . @5F\QNo long text exists@