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May 17, 2015 at 07:08 PM

WM PP Interface with Pick List staging type & dynamic storage bin


hello Gurus

I am using this process WM PP Interface with Pick List staging type & dynamic storage bin.

When we stage the components against PP process order, In WM stock report Lx02, Lx03 we can see the staged components in dynamic storage bin ( bin number equal to process order number), in Storage type 100 production supply.

In my case we are using more than one Production Supply Area ( PSA that we define in Pk05) . & we do not want to use "Fix storage bin" [ that we define in WM control cycle LPK1, as we are using dynamic storage bin concept].

My question is : Do we have any sap report to display the staged component at Production Supply Area (PSA) Level ? or in other words, Do we have any report to show stock is staged for which process order number & on which Production supply area ?

Second point, i tried to use the field "Storing Position" [ define in LPK1 , wm control cycle). after defining when i staged the components, I could not find this field Storing position any WM reports. i am thinking the use of this field "Storing Position"

& I do not want to use the separate storage type for each production supply area.

Any thoughts \ solution ?

thanks in advance for your help & time.

Best Regards