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Error in NWBC when creating (house) bank account

We are newly implementing Simple Finance with HANA (release 7.4). With this version, it is no longer possible to create house banks and bank accounts with trans. FI12 (we are getting message FINH002 - use trans. FI12_HBANK for house banks and NWBC for accounts).

Creating house banks with FI12_HBANK is easy (like the old FI12), but I have an issue with NWBC. The long text to msg FINH002 suggests to choose role SAP_SFIN_CASH_MANAGER or SAP_FI_BL_BANK_MASTER_DATA. However, for both of them, if I push "Manage bank accounts" and "New bank account", then I am getting an error "Cannot find configuration for Bank Acount Management" (FCLM_BAM_MAINT 057).

Can you please suggest what config needs to be done to be able to create (house) bank accounts?

We are just starting a prototype in a sandbox system, so it is possible that some necessary business functions are not active (e.g., we know we are still missing the three basic ones for Simple Finance - FIN_GL_CI_1 to 3). Can this be the reason? Or is anything else missing?

Thanks in advance!

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4 Answers

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    May 16, 2015 at 04:52 PM

    Hi Jan,

    Please complete the settings in the following area and then try to manage bank accounts

    SPRO > Financial Supply Chain Management > Cash and Liquidity Management > Bank Account Management > Basic Settings

    Just play with settings and check manage bank accounts.



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    Sep 01, 2015 at 07:07 PM

    Hi John ,

    Thanks for info. Now I am able to start open and Account how ever. I am facing new issue where relating Work Flow even I am using predefined standard Template and Rules (Bank Accountant/Cash Manager/Key User are agents). Given below the details issue is not moving from Bank Accountant to Cash Manger and further the work items.


    We are in the process of setting up workflow in Suite on HANA / Simple Finance and the workflow is not progressing after the step.

    Please find the details of issue:

    ISSUE: Bank Master Data creation having standard WF process there are three agents namely; BANK ACCOUNTANT /CASH MANAGER/KEY USER.

    Step -1 Bank Accountant initiate Bank Master record Creation and triggers to Cash Manager for review and approve

    Step-2 Cash Manager review from his Work item and review and approve/reject and same will be notify to Bank Accountant for next process.

    ( we are now getting struck in this stage, as per the standard workflow, sub workflow WS74300047 needs to be triggered but it is not happening as it is not able to determine the agents based on rule resolution 74300006 here)

    Step-3 Bank Accountant collect few information from bank say Bank account number and IBAN and save and submit. This next trigger to key user for further process.

    Step-4 Key User will be process Work Item updating GL Master/Signatories etc., to particular Bank Master and Save and Activate which will close Work item.

    Above we are using Standard Work template WS74300043 and Rules mentioned below

    SAP predefines a Business Object Repository (BOR) object FCLM_CR for Bank Account Management. In this object, the workflow is being triggered with “CREATED” event below

    The Rules defined / used:

    74300006 FCLM_CASHMGR (2nd step)

    74300007 FCLM_CASHOPER (1st and 3rd steps)


    Request to you review and answer the solution if any has faced the same issue.


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  • Nov 23, 2015 at 08:52 PM

    Not an easy setting: Here is step by step process:

    Have these roles assigned to your your ID first:



    Go to NWBC using command bar of your SAP main menu screen. It will take you to iexplorer in portal view

    Create a new Bank account there again. Even if you have already created a House bank in SAP

    Double click the bank account you created above & go to connectivity path tab. refer screenshot below:

    Click on Add and fill in the account ID and GL details

    Defining House Bank Accounts

    The house bank accounts of your company are the bank accounts that your company owns. You can use them to process payment transactions. Each house bank account is linked to a bank account in bank account master data via a connectivity path. To create a house bank account, proceed as follows:

    1. In the Web Dynpro application for Bank Account Management or Bank Account Management Lite, open a bank account.
    2. On the Connectivity Path tab, create an entry with the following values:
      • ID Category: specify Central System: House Bank Account
      • House Bank
      • Valid From and Valid To
    3. Below the table, on the House Bank Account Data tab, specify a unique ID for this house bank account.The account ID can be alphanumeric. The length limit is 5 digits.
    4. Specify the G/L Account to which payment transactions should be posted to.

    House Bank.png (35.8 kB)
    House Bank1.png (12.5 kB)
    House Bank2.png (11.6 kB)
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    Jul 04, 2016 at 11:46 AM

    Hi everyone....

    In our current setting, for every bank account, we have 3 G/L accounts in SAP - the main bank account, the check deposit and the check payment accounts.

    We have configured up to a single GL account (main bank account) assigned to a particular bank account number. The system does not allow to create another Central house bank account to assign the remaining G/L accounts.

    How can we go about this?

    Your help is most appreciated.

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