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May 15, 2015 at 11:07 PM

Report sub total clearing issue


THis is first time not summing by running totals.

I have one summary field as this, but this report shows sales according to sales person and 'sales codes' that is all parts of the sale, that is, chat online, web mail, etc.

we have break by such codes and then a total per rep. it is doing first one fine but not clearing rep total. number correct but no clear.

this is the display rep total:

shared numbervar userLevelTotal:=userLevelTotal;


it is used here: this is:TranccodeInc:

shared numbervar trnccnt:=trnccnt;

shared numbervar trncsum:=trncsum;

shared numbervar userLevelTotal:=userLevelTotal;

shared numbervar grandtotal:=grandtotal;





the basic init is:

shared numbervar trnccnt:=0;

shared numbervar trncsum:=0;

Totals for sales codes is displayed in Group footer 2. for rep in GF 1

the GROUPS here are the rep, sales codes, order #. out put is like this:

OCS ORDER CANCEL SAVES 05/13/2015 055093 3,819.80 Total OCS 4 4,767.63 RQU RETENTION QUOTE CONVERSION 05/08/2015 054857 2,090.52 RQU RETENTION QUOTE CONVERSION 05/11/2015 055749 208.58 RQU RETENTION QUOTE CONVERSION 05/09/2015 054230 627.45 Total RQU 3 2,926.55 RRF RETENTION FOLLOWUP 05/08/2015 055147 225.00 RRF RETENTION FOLLOWUP 05/13/2015 055885 1,247.80 RRF RETENTION FOLLOWUP 05/12/2015 050911 336.23 RRF RETENTION FOLLOWUP 05/12/2015 055555 3,426.75 RRF RETENTION FOLLOWUP 05/12/2015 055043 284.97 RRF RETENTION FOLLOWUP 05/13/2015 055549 369.69 RRF RETENTION FOLLOWUP 05/14/2015 055215 279.51 Total RRF 7 6,169.95 JOTALBERTO 22 22,753.42