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May 15, 2015 at 04:32 PM

Inter Company Pricing Issue's


Hello Guys,

I am new to SAP SD module. I am one query regarding pricing issues. For E.g

We have Two Company codes in our SAP.

Company "A" Manufactures and Sell it to Company "B". Both are related companies to each other. Now the problem is Company "A" selling prices are maintained in Condition records in SD. The purchase price of Company "B" is separately maintained in info records in MM module.

The thing i want is to maintain both prices sames like i want to directly link Company "A" selling prices to Company "B" purchase price. So that at PO level when i will make a PO, it should populate prices of products from Company "A" selling prices directly rather than taking it from info records maintain at MM level. Because the prices in info records are some times not correct.

Is there any possibility this can be Done or any possibility regarding customized table to Populate Prices.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Hassan Ali