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Jan 22, 2006 at 12:12 AM

EHS - Phrase set to Characteristic Assignment


Dear all,

I am losing sleep for the last 2 weeks with a problem.

I am creating a new class (ZAP_EHS_1024_029), new characteristic (ZAP_EHS_1024_029_DET_DIR) and new phrase set (ZAP_EHS_1024_029_DETERGENT_DIR).

I am trying to assign this phrase set to characteristic using CGAB. When I try to click on the new class in the property tree I get the message "There is no phrase related characteristic available for class ZAP_EHS_1024_029". I have no idea why this message comes. Earlier when I tried to create another class etc., ..._1024_028, it worked well allowing me to assign value in CGAB. I am not able to find out why this is so. Could anyone please help.

Thanks in advance,