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May 15, 2015 at 07:42 AM

Evaluation Path for MSS>Team>Employee Information



We are maintaining relationship 081 (Higher duty position) between S and P. This indicates that so and so employee his on higher duty to so and so position. Our requirement is that the manager should be able to see list of all such employees in his MSS > Team >employee information option.

We have created a custom evalution path tor fetch those Pernrs who are having 081 relationship with S. Evaluation path is configured as shown below:

Eval path is like this:

No Obj Type A/B Relationship Priority Related obj type 10 O B 003 * S 20 S A 081 (Higher Duty) * P 30 O A 003 (Belogns to) * O

Now using in SPRO, we went to Personnel Managemet > Manager Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP) >Object and Data Provider and assign this eval path. The intent is the managers should be able to see higher duty emplyoee (those who has P-081-S relationship) in his org unit. We have not done any config in portal. All is done in ODAP in MSS SPRO.

We have created master data but still as per attached screenshot we dont get any data.

Please help to find what config is needed for evaluation path or for MSS in back end so that the employees performing higher duty position can be viewed in MSS > Team> employee information?




MSS.png (31.6 kB)