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May 14, 2015 at 10:53 PM

Bank Key, Bank Number, Bank Branch, Bank Street Address


Dear All,

I am going to ask the question for both versions:

ecc 6.0

business one

My question include the following four details/fields:

Bank Key

Bank Number

Bank Branch

Bank Street Address

So when I say ''details'', I mean those four. I have already learned where I can type details in SAP but obviously in order to type them, you must know what to type. There are over 230, might be over 240 or even over 250 countries worldwide on the planet, including disputed territories. Lets say I pick one country and I pick its country abbreviation code. I already know how to get this. Obviously I also have the bank name. Just to clarify: When I said ''country to be picked'' I meant physical location of financial institution, e.g. Barclays is England one but it is located in several other countries also, hence ''physical location''.

I want to ask: Where could I get those lists/values? One list for each detail. I repeat I need this for worldwide so every single country, therefore answer matching only IBAN financial institutions won't help. I expect the lists to contain values for details for every single financial institutions (regardless of anything - e.g. size, quantity of account holders, whether or not online banking application is available,...) worldwide. Therefore those lists should be in giant size. So I can obtain the value for each detail for any and every bank worldwide.

I assume and I am pretty sure my assumption is correct that one bank has one Bank Number regardless of country. Using previous random chosen example of Barclays. E.g. bank Barclays have the same Bank Number value in England, in Scotland, in Seychelles, in Netherlands, etc.

Looking for: where and how to get those values for those details.

Please, kindly include in your answer additional info: Will the lists include values, for same details, for Credit Unions (worldwide) also or only Banks? There is big difference between term Credit Union and Bank. I would need same lists for Credit Unions also.

Thank you very much in advance.