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May 14, 2015 at 07:19 PM

SAP Message F5735


Hi All,

When we are releasing the Billing document and at the time of Posting Accounting document,we are encountering the below issue.

"FI Interface Error Small differences 30 USD cannot be distributed". We have analyzed this issue and found that this is because of the Rounding error and system is not able to distribute the small differences and not able to post the Accounting document when Billing document is released.

I have searched and found out that SAP note 357758 should be implemented, but we cannot be implemented in our system as we are using Release 606 but the SAP note version is 46C.Hence because of the version differences we could not implement it.

Could any of you help me if there is any alternative SAP note where by implementing it, the issue can be resolved.I have tried in google search but could not find any alternative SAP note for solving the issue.

Thanks in advance,