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Former Member
May 14, 2015 at 05:23 PM

Need help in passing a parameter value to the target URL for advantco rest receiver channel


Hi Experts,

I had a requirement where i need to pass a parameter value to the taRget url for advantco rest adapter value to trigger an rest webservice api.

URL - https://hostname/api/v3.0/common/listitems/paramater

Here i need to pass a value to the parameter string and i will get the value from the input. Actually there is possibility to send any parameter values if they exist in the target request structure by usinv variable substition option in the receiver channel.

But in my case therebis no possiblity to accomodate the value in target rest structure as i need to used definite structure to post it.

Here i am planning to use dynami configuration but i dont see ASMA settings in the advantco rest receiver adapter.

Please priovide ur valuable inputs in order to acheive this.

Thanks &ReagrDs

Narayanareddy b