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May 14, 2015 at 03:11 PM

How to set up a matrix in a UDO Form so it works like the Orders document lines matrix (new row/delete row with an ordered column)


We have designed a UDO form with a matrix linked to the UDO lines. We set the '#' tittle in the first column and set all columns to sortable="1"

In the item changed event we tried the datasource clear + matrix.add and other methods found in the forum so it adds a row with the new line number.

But we see there must be some missing step because in the Orders document when you have a new line and you order by a column, the new line is always at the bottom:

While in our Form´s matrix the new line is reordered with the other lines:

Also in our matrix the new line number is only set correctly by SAP when we add the first new line (line nº2) if we add a third line or more it is set automatically to 2 instead:

(we had to set the correct line number manually after adding the row, but we suppose it should work with the SAP automatic numbering like in the Orders matrix)

Thanks beforehand


order.png (4.6 kB)
UDO1.png (3.1 kB)
UDO2.png (1.9 kB)