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May 14, 2015 at 03:05 PM

Transporting BPC environment & roles



We are implementing BPC 10.0 in our landscape on top of the existing Netweaver BI system. Currently BPC has been configured in the development system and the BPC teams are working on it. I've few questions about how do we transport the BPC contents from one development system to quality & production.

1) How do we transport the BPC environments in web console from one system to the another?

2) Do we need to transport all the BPC environments?

3) When they create profiles in BPC web console, it automatically generates roles in SAP. If we transport the BPC environment, will it automatically transport the roles also?

4) We have CUA in our landscape. Is it possible to assign the roles/teams/profiles from SAP instead of doing it from web console?

Please help on the above questions.