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May 14, 2015 at 12:48 PM



I am attempting to utilize Parameter ID FPL9_DOWNP_CHR to change the way FPL9 displays security deposit payments and returns. I am pulling the security deposit payments into the down payment column, but am also pulling payments that posted with a 60/10 main & sub. These payment types are cleared against open items nightly through account maintenance. Is there a way to not display the payment on account items in the down payment column, especially if they have been cleared against other open items?

In the example below, only the $75 & $125 payments cleared the security deposit request. The $200 was the release of the security deposit at move-out. Is it possible for the $578.44, payment on account items that have been cleared, to not display in that column?

Thank you in advance for the assistance.


FPL9.PNG (52.1 kB)