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May 14, 2015 at 10:14 AM

Naming autocompletion from Glossary - redundant Related Terms?


Hello everyone,

simple case: we have a Conceptual Data Model with enabled Glossary autocompletion (Menu "Tools" -> "Model Options" -> "Naming Convention" -> "Enable glossary for autocompletion and compliance checking") because we want to have object names compliant with the global Glossary. Unfortunately in case of terms with similar names, i.e. a name of a term is a part (substring) of a name of another term, we get to much Related Terms for the object.

Example: There are Terms in Glossary like "Capital", "Capital cost", "Capital gain", etc:

New entity, renamed (with autocompletion suggestions) to "Capital cost" has two Related Terms, "Capital cost" and "Capital":

This influences our Impact and Lineage Analysis and seems to be a bug, doesn't it?

Thanks and regards,

Jacek Wasylow


terms.PNG (25.2 kB)
related_terms.PNG (35.8 kB)