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May 14, 2015 at 08:03 AM

Compare QRFC, sproxy and IDOC


hi Experts,

I am working in TM system and sometimes need to choose which way should be used in system communication.


Generally, QRFC is used because it looks much easier than iDOC and sproxy. You can set a queue name to make the communication is executed in sequence, this can prevent data update from lock issue.

But we do not have error handling log and importing data log in qRFC.

And if there is any error occurs, the queue will be blocked and all the rest execution is stopped.


I do not use a lot of this. I know the framework of it by learning a step by step configuration and writing some codes.

my understanding of it is to generate some data structure called segment and call a RFC in the target system to transfer the data.

iDOC has the monitor tools and user can check the data transferred and re-trigger the call again.

But it seems do not have functionality like queue execution. It seems not used a lot in the new version of SAP systems. and it only supports communication between SAP systems.


I have no idea of this technical. what I know is the tcode SPROXY with definition of outbound/inbound proxy classes to send/receive data.

Can any one send a link to learn it? like a WIKI or homepage?

this way is a suggested way for communication between systems.

it seems also not support queue execution(I am not sure).

But it supports the monitoring of data and re-trigger.

So can anyone give some comments on these 3 ways of data exchange ways? and give me some link to learn sproxy, better with a step by step to create a simple class to transfer data. thanks.