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May 14, 2015 at 04:17 AM

Basic Start date cannot be changed due to System status



Would like to know your valuable input on this.

We have a concern where a work order's basic start date cannot be changed.

The scenario is that you have 2 or more operations in a work order and materials used to perform the work. Operation 10 was confirmed along with the materials (with GMPS status) but the other operations should be carried out to the next future date.

Here's the data:

WO: 1 - system status REL PCNF GMPS

Basic start date: 31.01.2015

Basic finish date: 31.01.2015

operation 1 - PCNF - Components - GMPS

Operation 2 - PCNF

user wanted to push the dates into 31.05.2015. But when trying to change, it reverts back to the original dates.

OPU7 config are as follows:

Adjust dates: Adjust Basic Date, adjust dep. reqmts to operation date

Scheduling type: Forwards

Start in the Past: 7

Automatic Scheduling: Ticked

Shift order: Ticked

Any SAP note that you can recommend to resolve this?

Please help.