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Former Member
May 13, 2015 at 04:25 PM

Question on the tables VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM and VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM_E


Hi experts,

During migration from 5.3 to 10.1 for comparing the rule sets I have downloaded the
tables VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM and VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM_E from GRC5.3 and I see 22K+
records in VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM while there are 1000+ records in the table VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM_E.
When I compared my Functions to the records from the first table, they do match with auth object and values
and I am wondering what the entries are for in the second table. I am aware that
the table VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM_E provides an extra column SEQUENCE which might be
the manual changes count on the functions. Can I ignore the table entries from VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM_E
when I migrate the rule set into GRC10.1? After migrating the rule set into
GRC10.1, all functions look good except Auditor’s requirement to explain the
differences between these 2 database tables. Based on my observation, table VIRSA_CC_FUNCPRM_E
can be ignored during the migration since functions match from 5.3 to 10.1. Please
correct me if I am wrong.