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May 13, 2015 at 02:41 PM

Discounts and rounding


I am working on a report where I am giving a discount to a grand total. I also include a cell that shows how much the discount is going to be. The problem is that when I add all of the discounts together the grand total is off by .01 . I understand that it actually is not and with the 20% discount that is the total but with the individual columns if you add them up individually they equal 1,325,241.73 and when you calculate the grand total I get 1,325,241.72 My question is how do I tell my calculation to only calculate to 2 decimal places and not to 3 like it is doing. Below is a image of the row, the value highlighted is the Grand total and the white cells are the individual rows.

If you add these 3 together the total in green is short by .01 but if you go out to 3 decimal places for all the cells it is actually correct.