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May 13, 2015 at 01:34 PM

Preventing duplicate inbound deliveries for the same PO item


Hi all,

We have a two step goods input process that involves:

a) An inbound delivery (ID) (VL31N)

b) Goods input with respect to inbound delivery (MIGO)

Purpose is to address the quantity differences between the delivery note and real quantities, as the delivery and Migo are being performed by different people, anyways.

The problem is, in VL31N, multiple deliveries can be created for the same PO item.

Lets say we have 1000 quantity for PO item 10.

System lets us create two deliveries with quantities 900 and 900, which results in error in te goods receipt step, as there is no such free PO quantity.

GR checks the quantity, ID does not.

Is there any way for availability check during inbound delivery creation (VL31N), I wish users to be stopped, saying "there is only 100 quantity for this PO/item".

I hope it is clear,

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Thanks in advance

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