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May 12, 2015 at 07:05 PM

Condition MWVS manaul tax input


Hi Experts,

In order to get the tax printed on Chinese purchased orders, I use the MWVS condition, created a new Access seq. with


KOMK - ALAND "Country"

KOMK - MWSKZ " Tax code "

My problem is now that after I have maintain the MEK1 condition MWVS, with the Tax codes for china, all is defaulte in to the item on the purchase, and maintain the tax code in the item on the invoice tab for J1.

But both the Tax code are defaulet to the item, can anyone tell me what I'm missing here.

Also I have to exclude the MWSKZ, in the access seq. in order to find the

Any help is appreciated

Regards, Lars


SAP 3.jpg (63.0 kB)
SAP 4.jpg (95.8 kB)