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May 12, 2015 at 01:10 PM

Add custom field in FB01 vendor/customer items


Good morning to all,

i added some custom fields in BSEG table like suggested in SAP Note 1451330. In order to maintain that field in transaction FB01/FB02/FB03 i added them in a new coding block subscreen with transaction OXK1.

The problem is that the subscreen with the new fields is only visible in GL items by clicking on the "more" button (screen SAPMF05L - 300), for vendor items (screen SAPMF05L - 302) and customer items (screen SAPMF05L - 301) the new screen is not visible.

Please can you suggest a way to show the "more" button also in vendor/customer items?

If it is not possible, there is a workaround like a screen exit to maintain the new custom fields?

Thanks to all